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Verpakkingsontwerp waarbij het materiaal zijn functie volledig vervult.

The jury was most impressed by this design. The power of the simplicity of the package was highly appreciated and this entry stood out because of the very high conceptual and technical quality of the design. Besides this, a new functionality in the use of carton board was shown and the judges were impressed that the interesting shape is made using a simple rectangular shape. The package is both light and strong, two prerequisites for the packed product, in this case a halogen lamp though, as the judges pointed out, this type of constructional design lends itself to many different applications. The intricate cutting pattern transforms a simple piece of cartonboard into a 3 dimensional shape and these cuts form an integral part of the system for holding the contents safe. This student is an asset to the industry and the entry shows once again the versatility of folding cartons.

International Design Award ProCarton 2004

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